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1. Why should I distribute my resume?

By having distribute your resume, you can market yourself to hundreds or even thousands of potential companies and recruiters in one day. This increases your chances of securing a job by reaching 90% more companies than just by searching on your own (i.e. newspapers, job portals etc.)

2. What kind of response can I expect?

Responses vary based on you. That means that companies will see your resume and evaluate your resume based on their current needs at the time. Your skills, Qualification, experience level, location, salary requirements, etc. will determine how big of a response you get. Keep in mind that companies can contact you after 2 weeks or 10 weeks as well when ever they required staff they can contact you because your resume in companies as well as placement agencies database.

3. What is the cost for sending my Resume to these 5000 companies or placement agencies?

The cost of sending your Resume to these 5000 companies or placement agencies is Only Rs. 2000/- (Including Service Tax). No, we have not forgotten any zero after 2000, it is precisely Rs. Two Thousand Only! We assure you that these 2000 rupees will be the best investment of your life.

4. This means that in Rs. 10, my Resume will be sent to over 20 companies?


5. How does the Work?   

a) Choose the Package you wish to subscribe (IT Package, NON IT package)

b) Select the convenient mode of payment. Read instructions in the Payment Method.

c) You will receive a confirmation mail when we get your payment.

d) Use candidate registration form to register yourself and upload your recently updated RESUME using the1 minute sign-up process in the Registration page.

e) We start your resume distribution within 24 hrs .Your RESUME will be distributed to the companies and placement agencies.

f) Once your RESUME is distributed, the companies and placement agencies will directly approach you for suitable career options which you can directly discuss and analyze.

6. How will I be contacted by recruiters and companies?

Potential new companies and recruiters call you directly to set up an interview.

7. I can post my resume on job portals for free, why would I use this service?     

Our team sends your resume to best companies and Recruiter they can check you resume and contact you. Companies and recruiter also use own database first. Not all Companies and Recruiters subscribe to costly job boards, job portals and resume banks. 

8. What format your team distributed my resume?          

Your Resume will be distributed in MS Word format.

9. Where can I distribute my Resume to?           

Currently we are offering RESUME distribution services to companies and Recruitment agencies based in India.

 10. Does Resume distribution really work?              

Absolutely! Resume Distribution is the truly proactive way to find a job. You can’t do this on your own. Imagine how long it would take you research the top companies and Placement Agencies and send your resume to all. Imagine how much time you would have to spend on finding out who's hiring. In one click your RESUME can be on the desk of hiring managers!

11. I still need further clarifications about various services offered by How should I get it clarified?              

 Did you still not get the information you are looking for? Please write to us at  rds@ and our customer care team will revert to you immediately

12. Do these companies have any vacancies?

It is very hard to say whether all these companies have vacancies. But the theory of Probability says that there is very high probability that if not all, at least a few hundred companies out of these 5000 will have the vacancy closely matching your qualifications. And the rest of the companies will first consider the resumes in their mailbox before they go elsewhere for placement.

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