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HR Training

**First Time in Rohtak - Human Resource Training  and Advance Excel **


1.  Excel and Advance Excel Training  Details in Rohtak



Any Graduate, Any Post Graduate, MBA, Final year candidates are eligible,

Accounts Executive, HR Executive, CA Students, CS Students etc.


Demo - Free

Fees: - Rs. 1990 / - with study material.



ü  Advantages of Microsoft Excel

ü  Quick facts and figures about Microsoft Excel

ü  What's new in Microsoft Excel

ü  Portability features with earlier versions

ü  Application Areas of Microsoft Excel

ü  Microsoft Excel and Analytics

ü  Microsoft Excel and BIG Data

ü  Excel Beyond Excel




ü  Understanding Excel Navigation System

ü  Transformation from Menus to Ribbon

ü  Overview of Ribbon, Groups & Tabs

ü  Customizing Excel Ribbon

ü  Importing and Exporting Customization Settings

ü  Understanding Contextual Tabs

ü  Overview of Quick Access Toolbars

ü  Customizing Quick Access Toolbar

ü  Navigating Back Stage View

ü  Understanding Modules of Back Stage View

ü  Excel Keyboard Shortcuts



ü  Format Cell Basics

ü  Navigating Format Cells Dialog Box

ü  Understanding Excel Data Types

ü  Understanding Custom Formatting

ü  Transformation from Data Type to Custom

ü  Creating custom Date Formatting

ü  Creating custom Time Formatting

ü  Creating custom Number Formatting

ü  Creating custom Text Formatting

ü  Conditional Custom Formatting

ü  Custom Color Formatting

ü  Format Cells to multiple places

ü  Keyboard Shortcuts for Cell Formatting

ü  A walkthrough to Formatting Options






ü  Working with Paste Special - Magical

ü  Splitting Data using Text to Columns

ü  Sorting Data with Basic & Custom Options

ü  Working with Excel Comments

ü  Working with Goto Options Magical

ü  Working with Freeze Panes

ü  Working with Grouping & Subtotals


ü  Introduction to Cell Referencing

ü  Importance of Cell Referencing

ü  Understanding Relative Referencing

ü  Understanding Absolute Referencing

ü  Understanding Mixed Referencing

ü  Common challenges while using Referencing



ü  Difference between Functions & Formulas

ü  Concept of Nested Formulas

ü  Formula Auditing

ü  Various Calculation Modes and How to use them

ü  Circular References What are they?

ü  Concept of Wild Cards

ü  Concept of important Functions

ü  Combinations of the above Functions

ü  Concept of Precedents & Dependents




ü  Introduction to Name Management in Excel

ü  Overview of Name Box

ü  Creating, editing and deleting Name

ü  Understanding Name Scope

ü  Defining Static and Dynamic List using names

ü  Displaying Name Map in Excel Worksheet

ü  Creating Single and Multidimensional Arrays

ü  Use of Names in advance Reports

ü  Common challenges in Name Management

ü  Use of Name Manager for Extracting Data - The Magical




ü  Excel Security Protecting a Selected Range

ü  Excel Security Protecting an Entire Sheet

ü  Excel Security – Allow users to edit Range

ü  Excel Security Protecting Workbook Structure

ü  Excel Security – Full Protection of Workbook

ü  Excel Security Partial Protection of Workbook

ü  Working on Excel Data Backup




ü  Why PivotTables?

ü  Structuring Your Source Data

ü  Inserting Your First PivotTable

ü  Navigating the Field List

ü  PivotTable Options: "Analyze" & "Design"

ü  Selecting, Clearing, Moving & Copying Pivots

ü  Refreshing & Updating Pivots

ü  Generating New Report from PivotTable

ü  Managing Grand Totals

ü  PivotTable Subtotals

ü  Dealing with Growing Source Data

ü  Removing & Reviving Data from Cache

ü  How PivotTables Works?

ü  Format Cells vs Number Format

ü  PivotTable Number Formatting

ü  Automatically Formatting Empty Cells in PivotTable

ü  Understanding Table Layouts & Styles

ü  Customizing Headers & Labels

ü  Introduction to Data Sorting in PivotTable

ü  PivotTable Sorting Options

ü  Filtering Data in PivotTables

ü  Filter using Wild Cards

ü  Using Slicers & Timelines to Filter Data

ü  Controlling multiple Pivots using Slicers and Timelines

ü  Working on PivotTable Grouping

ü  Date Grouping in PivotTable

ü  Grouping in Numbers and Text

ü  Value Summarization Modes

ü  Working on "Show Values As" Calculations

ü  Performing custom calculations using Calculated Fields

ü  Calculations in Pivots vs. Raw Data

ü  Inserting a Calculated Item for combined calculation

ü  The Solve Order & List Formulas Tools

ü  Introduction to PivotCharts

ü  Applying Slicers & Timelines to Multiple Charts

ü  Building dynamic dashboards using Slicer and Timeline

ü  Consolidating data from multiple sheets in seconds

ü  Consolidating data from multiple files in seconds

ü  Creating custom Page in PivotTable

ü  Splitting Data to Multiple Reports from huge data

ü  Developing Dynamic Tutorial using Slicer and Pivot

ü  Challenges in PivotTables - What Next?




ü  Introduction to Charts

ü  Understanding elements of Chart

ü  Activating Chart Elements

ü  Major charts used in Industry

ü  Visualizing data using Column Charts

ü  Visualizing data using Bar Charts

ü  Visualizing data using Line Charts

ü  Visualizing data using Pie Charts

ü  Creating Combination Chart

ü  Changing Chart Themes

ü  Using Picture in Charts

ü  Introduction to Tiny Charts – Sparklines

ü  Creating Column Sparklines

ü  Creating Line Sparklines

ü  Creating Win-Loss Sparklines

ü  Introduction to Advanced Charting




ü  Introduction to Conditional Formatting

ü  Understanding Static vs Dynamic Formatting

ü  Text based Conditional Formatting Rules

ü  Numbers based Conditional Formatting Rules

ü  Date based Conditional Formatting Rules

ü  Dealing with Unique and Duplicates

ü  Top and Bottom Rules in Conditional Formatting

ü  Data Bars, Icon Sets, Color Scales

ü  Conditional Formatting based DASHBOARDS

ü  Conditional Formatting using Basic Functions

ü  Use Single Formatting with Multiple Conditions

ü  Attendance Trackers - Case Study

ü  Complex Formulas in Conditional Formatting

ü  Setting Priorities on Conditional Formatting

ü  Developing Smart Signaling System

ü  Reusing Conditional Formatting

ü  Clear Conditional Formatting Rules




ü  Introduction to Arrays

ü  Introduction to Excel Array Formulas

ü  Why and when to use Array Formulas

ü  The internal logic behind Arrays

ü  Concept of Logical Operators in Array Formulas

ü  The CSE Method

ü  Comparison-Matrix with Excel conditional functions

ü  Array Formulas using basic Excel Functions

ü  How to create complex Array Formulas?

ü  How to Master Array Formulas - What Next?




ü  Introduction to Data Validation

ü  Creating basic Data Validation

ü  Creating Data Validation for Test

ü  Creating Data Validation for Numbers

ü  Creating Data Validation for Date and Time

ü  Creating basic drop-down list

ü  Creating dynamic list using Data Validation

ü  Creating Basic Dependent List

ü  Creating Multilevel Dependent List

ü  Use of Basic Formulas in Data Validation

ü  Creating complex validation using Formulas

ü  Hacks of Data Validation

ü  Applying Data Validation to Multiple Places

ü  Using Custom Error Alerts in Validation Conflicts

ü  Using Data Validation as a Smart Comments

ü  Steps to remove Data Validation

ü  Highlighting Invalid Data

ü  Advance Filter Modes

ü  Implementing AND, OR, NOT in Advance Filter

ü  Advance Filter with basic calculation

ü  Using Excel Functions in Advance Filter

ü  Using Advance Filter as a Lookup Tool

ü  Extracting unique list with Advance Filter

ü  Clearing Filters




ü  Introduction to Excel Filter

ü  Data Filtering Techniques

ü  Introduction to Auto Filter

ü  Auto Filter Checkbox

ü  Filter using free text

ü  Using predefined modes in Text Filter

ü  Using predefined modes in Number Filter

ü  Effectively using Custom Filters

ü  Using Color Filtering

ü  Conditional Formatting Icons Filtering

ü  Filter using wild Cards

ü  Refreshing modified data while keeping Filter Intact

ü  Challenges in Auto Filter

ü  Introduction to Advance Filter

ü  Exploring Advance Filter Dialog Box




ü  Introduction of Excel Tables

ü  Time Saving features & Calculation Logic of Excel Tables

ü  Format As Table

ü  Understanding Table Formatting Options

ü  Multiple Filters In The Same Sheet

ü  Total Row, Ability To Select Type Of Summary

ü  Structured References What Are They?

ü  Advantages Of Tables

ü  Convert Table To Named Range

ü  Compatibility Of Tables With Earlier Versions

ü  Limitation of Excel Tables




ü  Introduction to What-If Analysis

ü  Why and when to use What-If Analysis?

ü  Working with Goal Seek for Reverse calculation

ü  Multiple case studies on Go l Seek

ü  Challenges in Goal Seek

ü  Working with Data Table for Sensitivity analysis

ü  Understanding 1 Variable and 2 Variables Data Table

ü  Selection Mechanism in Data Table

ü  Developing Loan comparison analysis using Data Table

ü  Working with Scenario Manager

ü  Understanding Input & Output Variables

ü  Bank Loan Scenario Management - Case Study

ü  Introduction to Solver Add-In

ü  Understanding Algorithms and Optimizations

2.  Human Resource Generalist Training / Payroll Training in Rohtak Haryana




Any Graduate, Any Post Graduate, MBA, Final year candidates are eligible,

Accounts Executive, HR Executive, CA Students, CS Students etc.


*Detail of course contents*


Course is designed as per Industry Requirements.


  1. The Employees Provident Funds and Miscellaneous Provision Act - 1952 (EPF)
  2. The Employees State Insurance Corporation Act - 1948 (ESIC)
  3. The Labour Welfare Fund Act (LWF) 1965
  4. The Professional Tax Act (PT) 1975
  5. The Minimum Wages Act-1948
  6. The Maternity Benefit Act-1961
  7. The Payment of Bonus Act-1965
  8. The Payment of Gratuity Act-1972
  9. The Factories act, 1948
  10. Payroll Processing
  11. Income Under The Head Salaries
  12. Salary Components in terms of Fixed and Variable
  13. Claim and Reimbursement Management
  14. Attendance Management System
  15. Payroll Inputs, Setup Employee’s Information
  16. Tax Rates and Calculation
  17. Verification and Payroll Checking Step by Step
  18. Register and MIS
  19. Deduction (u/s 80C - u/s 80U) of Chapter VI-A of IT Act
  20. Examination of Investment Proofs and Reimbursement Claims
  21. LTA, HRA, Leave Encashment and Gratuity Exemption
  22. Deduction of Entertainment Allowance and Professional Tax
  23. Deduction of Interest on Housing Loan
  24. Tax Deduction at Source (TDS)
  25. Recruitment + Headhunting + Job Portal + Recruitment Tracker
  26. Interview Preparation



Demo - Free

Fees: - Rs. 2990 / - with study material. (For Male)

Rs. 1990 /- with study material (For Female)


Ø  Benefits:


1.    Placement  Assistance


2.    Laws and Compliance Knowledge


3.    A boost in confidence and recognition


4.    Promotion Prospects



Ajay Gupta, MBA HR (14 Yrs. Experience)

HR Consultant & Advisor

Mobile: 91-9560581595

Feel free to call or Whatsapp

Email id : -

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