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Temporary Staffing

Temporary Staffing

 We provide support staff for short time periods in order to enable you to cope with extra work loads, temporary replacements for people on leave peak workloads in administration, accounting, customer service, Marketing, Sales, Events, Trade Fairs, Demo, survey, Market Mapping and a short term technology project  etc. Typically of short duration (up to 3 months).

 Advantages of temporary staffing to the companies: -

1.     All statutory obligations are handled by IndustryNaukri.

2.     It is a cost-effective and efficient solution when compared to hiring permanent staff that is not needed after the specified work is completed.

3.     Take advantage of flexible pricing options to save money

4.     Minimized turnaround times

5.     Reduced Advertising and Administration costs

Advantages of Contract staffing to the Employees:-

1.      More money

2.       More learning opportunities

3.       Flexibility

4.       Less meetings and other company bureaucracy

5.       Less Office politics etc