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Training & Development

IndustryNaukri believes that success of the company depends largely on the skills, abilities and commitment of the employees who constitute the most important asset of the organization. Employee development is not limited only to job related inputs. Training is conducted with short as well as long term objectives in view which results in holistic development of employees along with the organization's growth.

 We undertake following training programmes:

1.     Team Building Workshops

2.     Attitudinal Workshops

3.     Selection and Recruitment Training

4.     Cross-Cultural Training

5.     Customer Service Training

6.     Computer Training Services

7.     Educational Training Services

8.     Management Training Services

9.     Memory Improvement Training Services

10. Sales Force Training

11. Performance Enhancement Systems

12. Personality Development

13. Leadership & Motivation

14. Small Group Activities

15. Total Quality Management

16. Communication skills- Verbal, written, non verbal

17. Corporate etiquettes

18. Other soft skills